Certified Zendesk Implementation Wizards

Our Process Defines Us

Efficiency leads to savings whether time, money or both. We streamline our integration by discovering your business needs, designing a configuration plan, implementing the approved plan, testing and then training your team pre-launch. Simplifying the process makes it easy to get your configuration done easily.


Over 10 Years Of Zendesk Support Integration Experience

We love connecting and managing the simple to the more involved Zendesk Support system instances for starts, small and medium sized companies globally.


Evolving Partnership With Zendesk as a Qualified Partner

Partnerships represent a key pillar of our development strategy. We invest resources to preserve them for the long run. Our relationship with the Zendesk team helps you as our client with any issues that may arise.


Innovative Skilled Team Delivering Great Results

Our team is the central part of our strength.  Consisting of certified Zendesk Admins, we rely on each other's skills and experience to delivery huge value to our loyal customers

Zendesk Integration Services

We offer premium business software integration services to optimize business flows, reduce costs and increase revenues. We offer our services world wide

Scratch Integration

 Trial account or new account. Set up your account right from the start.

One-Time Configuration

No full time Admin - No problem. We can help with one off configuration items.

Managed Services

Need your instance supported monthly without having to worry about hiring someone new each time.

Consultation Hour

Small issue you need to walk through and troubleshoot. We can be as needed without a monthly hours.

Request More Service Information

Use this form to request additional information on the services offered including upfront pricing. We'll lay out what's included in each of the services. 

    No high pressure sales tactics. You decide or you ask additional questions

    Transparent simplified pricing based on your needs and requirements

From Scratch Integration

Zendesk Support is an awesome tool for streamlining customer communication, providing visibility and holding agents accountable. Starting from a blank page can be time consuming.

    For Trial users - provide you with valuable guidance as to what channels would benefit you. New or Self Implementation users - build on what you have already setup in your instance.

    Up to 30 hours of integration assistance. Begin in as little as one week from signing up for the project.

One-Time Configuration Help

Sometimes there is just too much going on and you need a bit of help. You have great insight on how Zendesk works but you may need to launch or make some improvements to a specific channel. Why not get a bulk of hours you can utilize when you want. 

  • Decide how much time you need based on your requirements. We offer a 15 hour or 25 hour block of hours to use within a 60 day period for Zendesk Support help. 

  •  15 or 25 configuration help hours.


Monthly Managed Services

Keeping your Zendesk instance maintained or troubleshooting issues may require you to have a Zendesk Admin either full time or on call. It can be nerve racking not knowing if your current or future Admin is as experienced and if they will break your bank. 

    Get a retainer service from our team to be used however you choose. 

    You decide the number of hours you require and can add on if necessary

  • Two starter retainer options: 

  • 5hrs or 

  • 10hrs each month

  • Consultation Hour

    Having an issue with your instance but just want to understand what next steps are to resolve it. We can come in and give some guidance. 

    • Quick troubleshoot run through for one issue. Provide best practices and solutions, with a follow up recap email with any resources and recommendations you need.

    Our pricing policy is designed to cover budgets for all companies without sacrificing quality

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